Watch: Baste Duterte Give Thanks To Filipinos, Full Speech at DU31 Thanksgiving Party

Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, the youngest son of the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, delivered a speech in front of thousands of Filipinos who attended the thanksgiving party of his father in Davao City on Saturday night.

Watch: Duterte’s Thanksgiving Party “DU31: One Love, One Nation” Video Replay

Wearing only T-shirt, shorts and slippers, the 28-year-old Political Science graduate thanked the Filipino people for supporting his father. “We have a chance to change our country. Let us build a better tomorrow for our children,” he said.

Speaking in Visayan, Baste also encourage the crowd to help others who are suffering from hunger and poverty. He said that our brothers and sisters who need help shouldn’t be forgotten and admittedly won’t be easy but that’s everything starts with us.

He also asked the crowd to patronize local talents and focus on Filipinos, “Let’s act like Filipinos because we are Filipinos.”

Watch the full video below.

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