WATCH: Miss Teen Big Brother 2016 Beauty Pageant Live Results and Winners

PBB Lucky 7 “Miss Teen Big Brother 2016” kicked-off Saturday night and the winner will be crowned tonight. The beauty pageant will take place inside the PBB house on Sunday night, October 9, 2016.

Tonight, one of the five girl housemates will compete for the coveted Miss Teen Big Brother 2016 crown. Kisses Delavin, Vivoree Esclito and Maymay Entrata will compete against Brazilian models, Vaz and Maria Fabiana, for the challenge.

If one of the teen housemates win, they will receive a budget for additional food and other supplies in the coming week and a chance at immunity from eviction.

If the Brazilian models win, they would have to choose who among the remaining housemates will be safe for at least another week.

Here’s The Final Results:


Miss Teen Big Brother 2016 Winner:


1st Runner-up:
Kisses Delavin

2nd Runner-up:
Maymay Entrata

The Top Three (3):

Maymay Entrata
Maria Fabiana
Kisses Delavin

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic: Maymay Entrata
Miss Congeniality: Maymay Entrata
Best in Talent: Vivoree Esclito
Best in Sports Wear: Kisses Delavin
Best in Long Gown: Stephanie


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