WATCH: Kisses Delavin Admits Romantic Feelings For Marco Gallo Inside PBB House

Pinog Big Brother Lucky 7 teen housemate Kisses Delavin broke down to tears after admitting her true feelings for Italian housemate Marco Gallo.

On Monday episode of the reality show, the 17-year-old teen beauty queen made a heart-to-heart talk with Big Brother inside the confession room.


“I don’t like the feeling of being hurt, But even if I try to forget it, I can still feel the pain. I want to forget because I don want to hurt others,” Kisses told Big Brother.

“I became close to Marco. I like his personality. I like how caring he was. He’s a good person. I can see all the characters I want in a person in Marco. I don’t know what happened. He just stopped caring,” she added.

Her statement made Big Brother to ask, “You mean to say, you have romantic feelings for Marco?”

Kisses answered, “I really like him. I am hurting. I don’t know what I keep doing wrong, but I always get deserted in the end. They don’t try to know me better. I’m tired, Big Brother. It feels bad that you don’t get chosen.”

Watch the full video of Kisses confession with Big Brother here.

Big Brother said that there are things that need to accept, advised her to move on and forget about her feelings about Marco for the sake of their friendship.


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