Worried about a text message asking you to turn off your cellphone because of cosmic rays from Mars will hit Earth tonight?

If your receive this text message:

Cosmic Rays Hoax Text Message

“Good evening! I-off mamaya ang mga cellphone natin 10:30 p.m. till 3:30 a.m. dahil sa malakas na radiation at cosmic rays, nuclear atomic. Binalita ni Kuya Kim at sa CNN and BBC sa Skycable. Delikado, namamatay daw. ‘Wag itabi ang cellphone sa pagtulog mamaya. Kindly share na lang din sa ibang friends natin.”

Don’t worry it’s actually a hoax.

According to Hoax-slayer.com, “There are no reports about this supposed threat on BBC news. Nor is there any evidence that cosmic rays could somehow make cell phones dangerous. Sharing this silly nonsense will help nobody.”

“No dangerous cosmic rays will be entering Earth from Mars tonight or any other night. Or any other day, for that matter. Direct exposure to cosmic rays could indeed be harmful. But earth’s atmosphere protects us from them. And, cosmic rays might interfere with normal cell phone functioning, but they would not make the devices suddenly dangerous to have around.”

Kim Atienza, however, denied reporting the statement, while no existing CNN or BBC report confirmed it.

If you receive this bogus message, please do not share it with others. And please let the sender know that the warning is a hoax.