Coleen Garcia Says Sorry to Server Terminated Over Grandma’s Complaint

Actress and “It’s Showtime” host Coleen Garcia responded to reports that a Japanese restaurant server was terminated over her grandmother’s complaint.

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Coleen took to Instagram and explained her disappointment upon learning that something gross in her food while dining at the restaurant. She added, “On my post, I merely warned everyone to be careful with what is in your food, as I could have easily overlooked as well.”

She also explained, “They had that person apologize on their behalf to my dad and lola, and they asked them to tell me to take my post down. They did not get in touch with us personally, only through our mutual connection. No one on their side has texted me personally at all.) My lola told them that she wasn’t going to do that because she witnessed everything (and so did the rest of my family), and it added to the fact that she felt offended by the staff that day.”

The Japanese restaurant sent an apology to Coleen via Instagram, she said: “I accepted their apology … However, I also added that my grandmother had been offended while dining there. I don’t think it was anything intentional, though. And my exact words were: ‘Everyone makes mistakes and has shortcoming, and there is always room for improvement’.”

She also added, “I don’t think that firing anyone is the answer. But I do think that the management should have taken full responsibility and come up with a solution that should benefit everyone, including both their customers and employees.”

To the employee affected, I extend my sincere apologies and I hope you understand that it didn’t have to come to this. I will still try my best to fix all of this so that you can get the fair treatment that you deserve,” Coleen ended.