Rhap Salazar vs James Reid and Nadine Lustre, Slams Lip-syncing Artists

Pinoy singer and songwriter Rhap Salazar took to social media to express his disappointment over artists who lip-synch on television shows.


In a Twitter post on Sunday, Salazar said: “I hate lip-syncing artists.” He added, tweeting in reply to one of his followers, “@ariaclemente Nahiya naman tayong mga totoong singers, haynakoo.”

He also tweeted that even some of these artists even record albums. “Yung iba nagkaka-album pa.” Rhap was quick to comment that he is not angry over those artists. “@joshyelmercado hindi naman nagagalit. Sana lang they can really sing. Sayang naman yung album nila.”

Some netizens believe the singer may be referring to an artist who performed on ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show “ASAP” last Sunday. Others speculated that he was referring to James Reid and Nadine Lustre, who performed during the said episode of “ASAP.”