Doctor Cheats Jollibee Delivery Boy to Get P200 Discount

An alleged doctor with Facebook account “Jay Bee” has become viral after cheating a Jollibee delivery boy to get a discount.

On his post, Jay Bee purposely delayed the delivery of his order from Jollibee fast food to get P200 discount. According to him, the delivery was in fact on time but he intentionally ignore the call from the receptionist in the lobby of his condo to make the 1-minute delay and tap the fast-food’s delivery policy.

The doctor said he only paid P66 for the burger, spaghetti, fries and choco sundae and he was able to get the P200 discount for the entire order.

A screengrab photo of his conversation with a friend is posted below.



The doctor deactivate his Facebook account after receiving criticisms from netizens but he activated it again and posted a message addressed to all his bashers.


What are your thoughts on this issue?

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