Chef from Chicago Eats 120 Raw Eggs on America’s Got Talent (VIDEO)

Patrick Bertoletti, 29-year-old chef from Chicago and extreme eater enlists the help of the America’s Got Talent judges to crack 120 eggs that he eats!


He invites the judges on stage to crack about 120 eggs, which he will eat live and break a record. And then he eats all of the eggs.

Heidi Klum found it gross and votes no, but the other judges overpower her and send Pat through with 4 yeses.

“I don’t know but I did’nt love it,” Heidi said. “I have two opposite emotions about this. On one hand, I got a guy who wants to destroy his body and on the other hand is entertainment. This is entertainment and I liked it,” said Howard Stern.

Watch the video below.