FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” returns for it’s season 12 on Monday, June 1, 2015. The premiere episode aired it’s Dallas and Memphis audition and introduced two brand new faces to the judges’ panel: Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo, who joined SYTYCD vet Nigel Lythgoe in the search for America’s new top dancer.

SYTYCD Season 12

This season, the contestants will be divided into two teams: Team Street and Team Stage. Each week, one contestant from each team will be sent home, until the finalists eventually go head-to-head.

Team Stage will feature studio-trained dancers of genres such as tap, jazz, contemporary, and ballet, while Team Street features street-trained performers of hip-hop, animation, and breaking.

Recap and videos for tonight’s premiere episode below.

Peyton Albrecht- 18- Robert, LA- Stage Team. Paula called him a “powerful dancer,” while Jason said he was the “kind of dancer that wakes the audience up.” He’s through to Las Vegas!

Andre Rucker- 24- Atlanta, GA- Street Team. The crowd loved him. “You are definitely very special,” Paula said. He’s also through to Vegas!

Jordan Hilgenberg-19- Clermont, FL- Stage Team. Paula tells her mom she has a lot to be proud of. Jason says she was a beautiful dancer, and said she had stunning lines. She’s through to Vegas.

Ladia Yates- 23- Richmond, CA- Street Team. Nigelis very proud of what he just saw. Paula said she’s very unique; Jason feels like she made a movie up there then she asks him to go out, he also says that he wants Ladia to teach his crew how to dance. Going though to Vegas.

Courtney Barnes- 23- Jackson MS- Street Team. Jason said he’s interesting but he is at a loss for words, too much hair whipping. Paula said one too many hair whips but wants to take him everywhere with her. Also going through.

Guillermo Morales- 19- Miami, FL- Stage Team. No comments from the judges but they stand up and hold tickets. He’s though!

Jaclyn Hamric-19- Virginia-Stage Team. Nigel is really impressed while Paula really liked her. Jason forgot about technique and just enjoyed the performance. She’s going through to Vegas!

Steven Ban- 24- New Orleans, LA- Street Team. Jason loved the musicality, the look and so different, interesting to see him go up against other street dancers. Paula felt like he was more of an illusionist while Nigel said this will be a tough battle with his background but they kind of want to see the mash-up. Vegas.

Vishonda Sims- 21-Dallas, TX- Street Team. Nigel, good enough to make him go wow. Jason felt alive inside watching her and would pay to watch that while Paula was poetic with her movement and very special. Vegas.

Kiosh Monroe- 22- Pleasant Grove, TX- Street Team. Paula felt like she was watching many personalities while Jason felt like he was the good cousin who just cannot dance, thinks he should do work-out videos. He is not going to Vegas.

Lily Leyva- 19- Las Vegas, NV- Stage Team. No comments, the judges just stand and hold up tickets. She’s already from Vegas! =)

Edson Juarez- 24- Mission, TX- Stage Team. Paula and Jason think that this is the best that they have seen. He’s though to Vegas!

Next week, it’s Detroit auditions!