WATCH: Maine Mendoza Shed Tears While Watching Coldplay Concert in Los Angeles

Maine Mendoza, Eat Bulaga’s Yaya Dub, shed tears while watching her favorite band “Coldplay” perform live in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Maine cried while the band was playing their hit song ‘Yellow.’ The emotional moment was captured by celebrity hairstylist Celeste Tuviera and uploaded on her Instagram account.

Maine also shared her unforgettable experience on Instagram, she wrote: ‘Seeing you Was a dream come true I call it magic An adventure of a lifetime . Your voice Made me shiver Your songs Filled the sky full of stars And the way you sing Give nothing but sparks . Time came a-creepin’ Still it was a beautiful night Stars were shining down on you As God put a smile on my face As I shed tears like a waterfall You left me; The kid who was always in trouble The girl who is in her little bubble The lady with a head full of dreams With nothing but a feeling A feeling within me An everglow.’

Watch the video below.

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