WATCH: Yong Gets Emotional After Receiving Flags From Maymay and Other PBB 7 Housemates

Yong Muhajil, dubbed as “Pag-A-san ng Ankan ng Zamboanga,” received the most number of flags from the former PBB 7 teen housemates and the remaining girls inside the PBB house.

In an episode Thursday night, Yong became emotional when he received flags from ex-housemates Fenech Veloso, Kristine Hammond and Vivoree Esclito.

The remaining girl housemates, Kisses Delavin and Maymay Entrata, also gave their votes for Yong.

The 16-year-old teen from Mindanao broke down in tears after receiving the last message from Maymay.

Meanwhile, Rita Gaviola, Heaven Peralejo and Marco Gallo gave the flag to Edward Barber while Christian Morones received the lowest number of flag from Aizan Perez.


Last week, Big Brother started the Big Jump Challenge, whoever wins the challenge will get the lucky sun.

Christian, Edward and Yong are the first batch of housemates to get the chance the lucky sun. Who do you think will win?

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