Jollibee Releases Official Statement About “Jay Bee” Delivery Incident

Jollibee Foods Corporation popularly known as Jollibee has released their official statement about a certain Facebook user who fooled one of its delivery man over the weekend.

A certain “Jay Bee” who ordered food at Jollibee and purposely delayed the delivery of his order to get P200 discount. In his Facebook account, he claimed he pretended not to hear the lobby receptionist of his residence calling him so he can avail himself the discount for late delivery.

According to Jollibee, the delivery man “arrived at the reception area at exactly 12:50 am, well within the 20 minute delivery guarantee.”

Talking to his friend on Facebook, Jay Bee boasted: “the rider did not actually arrive late. I just ignored the receptionist’s call to hold the rider. I answered the call after a minute, making sure the rider arrived late,” he said.


It has never been Jollibee’s policy to charge the gift certificates issued to customers as goodwill for late delivery against our riders’ salaries.

We also want to remind our customers that Jollibee’s delivery guarantee time ends upon arrival of rider at the lobby of the building, hospital or condominium or gate/guardhouse of subdivision or offices.

Even as we are committed to provide fast and efficient service to our customers through our Jollibee delivery guarantee, the safety and welfare of our riders are of paramount importance to us.

We trust that the public will treat our riders with the same courtesy, honesty and respect that they deserve.