Iglesia Ni Cristo Update: Angel Manalo Alleges Corruption Inside the Church (VIDEO)

Felix Nathaniel “Angel” Manalo, a son of the late Iglesia Ni Cristo executive minister Eraño Manalo, expressed his disappointment early Friday over the alleged rampant corruption inside the church.

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In a brief interview with media reporters, Angel cited the construction of the Philippine Arena in Bulacan as product of the alleged corruption inside the church. He said that INC funds should be spent on building churches.

“Nauubos na ang abuloy ng Iglesia sa kung ano-anong hindi naman kailangan,” Angel said. “Isa na ang Philippine Arena na ipinagtataka ko kung bakit nabuo. Sana lang po hindi nauubos ang pondo sa paggawa ng mga kapilya.”

He also said that people who are around his brother Eduardo, who is the current executive minister of INC, are corrupting the church organization.

Angel also denied being held hostage inside the Manalo home in Quezon City but admitted his fear for the fate of a few missing ministers. He said a sign seen on a window outside their home might have been placed by a child in the family. “Meron kasing bata na kasama kami. Siguro nahihirapan na rin sa nangyayari, siya siguro ang naglagay.”

The officials of the religious group has earlier denied Angel and his mother (Tenny Manalo) claims, insisting that they were only trying to gain sympathy to get in power.