The Simplicity of the Colorful UK Bridesmaid Dresses of GRACEDRESS Shop

On the day of the wedding, the bride is the portrait of beauty and elegance. The backdrop of her gorgeous bridesmaids helps complete the ensemble. Want to get an expert wedding bridesmaid dresses full of personality for your best friend? Then you must choose the appropriate Bridesmaid Dress.

VIVIDRESS UK shop also provide all styles and full colorful bridesmaid dresses, because in general weddings will have a female friend to be the bridesmaid, but in recent years, the group of the maternity bridesmaids has increased, from the original amount of one bridesmaid to four, one of which is the main bridesmaid.

party_131-satin-royal_blue-1Nowadays, the modern generation is keen on adding a touch of personality or even a special theme to their wedding. choosing the appropriate bridesmaid dress can be challenging with more personalized requirements and specifications. In addition, modern style and fashion is ever-changing and what was once popular (champagne and pink strapless bridesmaid dresses) are no longer desired.

There is a beautiful and romantic legend about the bridesmaid dress. In ancient Rome, a handsome and renowned count, born to a rich family and living a lavish life, hired some servants and bodyguards wearing the same dress as the bride and similar suits as the groom on his wedding day, just in case an opposing lord or lady attempted to hire an assassin to eliminate him or his lovely bride on their special day. Also associated with the tradition of Rome, witchcraft was very rampant at that time. Some wizards even put curses on the bridesmaids to ensure an unsuccessful marriage ceremony. So that is where the bride’s bouquet comes from. People think that the curse can be alleviated when the bridesmaid receives the bride’s bouquet and then happiness can be passed on to her, receiving the Goddess of Love’s attention, and proceed to marry soon. A bridesmaid lives up the atmosphere, helps you to greet guests, manages your things, and keeps you company all the time during your wedding. Don’t you think it worthy to pick a beautiful dress for her?

UK Bridesmaid Dresses

The following are some suggestions:

How to match your bridesmaid dress?

The bridesmaid dress colours, style & figure

1. Petite bridesmaids are more suitable for high waist line dresses, yarn fabric can highlight the character, and the waist part uses the texture to enhance the thickness to modify the thin body.

2. The bridesmaids who have average figures can choose a suitable dress according to their face types, the dress can be any style.

3. Linear body type bridesmaids can wear a dress with a coat which has more shoulder design, for example the dress with falbala can make your body more hierarchy.

4. Plump bridesmaids might need to choose an elementary dress, without too many decorations on the dress, otherwise it’ll looks redundant.

Bridesmaid dress styles & face type

1, square face type bridesmaid: Round collar might be a better choice.

2, inverted triangular face type bridesmaid: Round collar might be also good for this face type.

3, Round faced type bridesmaid: V-neck dress is more suitable for them, also it’ll elongated faces line if divides the hair from the middle.

4, Long face type bridesmaid: they can wear round collar dress. It can soften the lines of the face.

Emerald green bridesmaid dresses

A young color with full of hope, It looks more vitality with the elegant fabrics. The simple lines of this section, showing her beautiful figure, bead work ornament on the corselets perfectly creates a lovely woman.

Strapless forever yours bridesmaid dresses

Women love colorful and lovely smells of the flowers. The fashion will always belong to those women who love flowers. The gorgeous peony, with beautiful colour, no slightest vulgar, wind tidbits, all the details on the dress from top to bottom, like a watercolor painting behind, Such a fashionable dress that makes the bridesmaid be dazzling.

Colorful bridesmaid dresses

What is the happiness? It’s a little smile of the bride after all you’ve been going through together on the traces of love. Today you get married, we want to make your as the most beautiful woman, send you to the next stage of the journey of life. Life is gorgeous, especially has a girl who is always considerate and always be your side. On the day you get married a beautiful dress for her is actually the most beautiful blessing.

Rosy bridesmaids dresses

The bright color get down into our eyes, silky satin and block bright pearl with different luster texture enrich people’s visual. Sling design coupled with a halter, make this dress becomes the best sex selection, makes her to be the most personality bridesmaid.

Short vintage bridesmaid dresses

Simplicity but Dynamic, fashionable shows who you really are. The navy blue delicate dress, with fashionable ruffled straps, can not hide the beauty inside you. This is a shining vintage bridesmaid dresses which you can never resist its temptation.

Mellow yellow

Yellow is a bright color, it can gets attention easily; depth of brightness will be a big difference, also will has different affection. Light yellow with chiffon fabric, exposed your skin appropriately bringing a sense of light and elegant, It’s avoid covering the whole body, so it won’t be really heavy and mannish.

Purple-bridesmaid-dressesPurple bridesmaid dresses

Sexy is not exposed your body, It’s an attitude, steric bulkiness fold mysterious stacked, Retro styling perfectly shows your beautiful form, such a refined purple bridesmaid dress makes you unforgettable in the Crowd.

These are the GRACEDRESS SHOP summed up the colorful Bridesmaid Dress selection, and the recommendations. All of the dresses which GRACEDRESS UK SHOP provide are custom made, the designers and tailor can make the dress according to your body shape and size, the dress is only for you.

After reading these, you can choose the most suitable one for your bridesmaid dresses. At the same time GRACEDRESS SHOP reminds you: If you want to see more bridesmaid dresses, please click If you have any problems about bridesmaid dress selection, please call the hotline +86-551-63879990 for consulting, or use the online customer service, we will give you a more professional and more detailed suggestion.

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