WATCH: Typhoon Chaba Hits South Korea, Most Horrible Tsunami-Like Waves in Busan

A powerful typhoon named ‘Chaba’ hit southern part of South Korea on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

According to Korean Times, five people are reportedly dead and one missing after storm ripped into Jeju Island Tuesday afternoon while two people were killed in Busan Wednesday morning.

Typhoon Chaba also caused extensive damage due to strong winds and heavy rains on both areas. The storm recorded winds of 56.2 meters per second, the worst since 2003, and 70 millimeters an hour of rain at Mt. Halla.

Report also said that heavy rains created tsunami-like waves near the coastlines while many people evacuated their homes due to severe flooding in affected areas.


Storm surges are elevated sea levels produced by intense marine low pressure systems. Storm surges at times of high tides can lead to coastal flooding and are often accompanied by large ocean waves.

Tsunamis are immense sea waves (10 metres or more), which are produced by underwater events such as earthquakes, mudslides and volcanic eruptions. They start out small in the open seas but amplify in size as they reach shallow water.


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