WATCH: Edward Barber Says “I Love You” To Liza Soberano Inside The PBB House

Big Brother invited another celebrity inside the Pinoy Big Brother house after “Barcelona” stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Liza Soberano, onscreen partner of Enrique Gil, was invited to meet and date the male housemates for seven minutes.


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Until teen housemate Edward Barber from Germany shared the story on how seeing a performance of her played a huge part in his decision to join the reality show.

“I went with my sister and my mom to see you and Enrique Gil [when you went to Düsseldorf] and that’s where someone said, ‘Hey, you should think about joining. And then I auditioned and I got in. So technically, you’re the reason I’m here,” explained Barber.

When the date was about to end, Liza asked Edward what he wanted to say to her. Edward said “I Love You.”

Also on Tuesday, Marco Gallo finally meet his celebrity crush inside the PBB house. The teen housemate from Italy didn’t miss the chance to shake Soberano’s hands and show his most adorable smile.


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