WATCH: America’s Got Talent Season 11 Episode 2, June 7 Recap & Videos

America’s Got Talent Season 11 returns tonight after it’s successful premiere episode last week!

On Tuesday, June 7, another group of acts will attempt to entertain British record producer Simon Cowell, Mel B, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum.


During it’s first episode, clairvoyant couple shocked the judges their jaw-dropping party trick. Followed by kid comedian Nathan Bockstahle.

Street performer and comedian who called himself as ‘Tape Face’ also stunned the audience with his creative performance while Japanese magician and virsual artist ‘Hara’ received a standing ovation with his creativity.

Also last week, thirteen-year-old opera singer Laura Bretan, received the first golden buzzer from Mel B.

Watch the America’s Got Talent Season 11 Episode 2 airs on Tuesday on NBC at 10pm EST. Click here to watch the episode live online on NBC’s official website.

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