Piff the Magic Dragon Pulls Off Some Hilarious Magic on America’s Got Talent 2015 Finale (VIDEO)

Piff the Magic Dragon, the world’s second most famous magic dragon attempts to claim the top spot on America’s Got Talent Season 10 Finale Tuesday night, Sept. 15, live at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

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Tonight, Piff does a trick involving turning money into a free trick voucher and “shooting” Mr. Piffles out of a cannon.

Mel B says Piff has a dry sense of humor that doesn’t always make sense, but he’s funny. Howard doesn’t think Piff put his best foot forward here, but he congratulate Piff on his efforts tonight. Howie believes tonight is a night for comedy, and that the million dollars will end up with someone funny. Heidi says it’s surprising to think that an English bloke in a dragon costume would win America’s heart.

What do you think of Oz’s performance tonight? Watch Piff the Magic Dragon’s magical finale performance!