Pastillas Girl Meets Ex-Boyfriend’s Present Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Angelina Jane Yap, popularly known as ‘Pastillas Girl,’ was overwhelmed with emotions after meeting her friend Karen who is now the current girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend Enzo.

I love you both and i'm very happy for you mahal @kakakarenj @enzoharper ???

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On Friday episode of AdVice Ganda” on “It’s Showtime,” Karen appeared on the show to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. With no hesitations, Pastillas Girl went on stage and hug Karen, indication that she already forgiven her friend.

It can be recalled that Yap already sought closure from her ex-boyfriend on the September 19 episode of the noontime show.

Meanwhile, Enzo walked to the stage and immediately hugged Karen and then reached out his hand to “Pastillas Girl.”

“Gusto kong mag-thank you sa ‘yo. Thank you so much,” he said. “Pastillas Girl” then received a hug from Vice Ganda. “I’m so proud of you,” the “Showtime” host said.