Siberian Husky Named Ambo

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Meet the new member of our family named Ambo. He is a 2-month old Siberian Husky i bought from Tiendesitas last Christmas. Ambo is definitely lovable like the real Ambo LOL.

Me and my friends have decided to visit Tiendesitas, Quezon City to scout for a new pet dog last December. Actually i am looking for a Siberian Husky and lucky to have Ambo as the newest member of our family.

Why Siberian Husky? I love their looks! They are cute and looks adorable. True indeed, Siberian Huskies are good as pet dogs and not as guard dogs. They are strong, compact and working dogs. These dogs are gentle and playful and very fond of his or her family. A puppy at heart, they are clever, sociable and loving, easy-going and docile. Though they do generally have a lot of energy, especially as puppies. Good with children and friendly with strangers, they are not watchdogs, for they bark little and love everyone. Huskies are very intelligent and trainable, but they have a mind of their own and will only obey a command if they see the point and if you do not display leadership, they will not see the point in obeying you.

Like other Siberian Huskies, Ambo loves sleeping in cold areas like an air-conditioned room. He usually sleeps beside my bed. In the morning, i walk with him to get an exercise. Huskies are good jogging companions. They need a fair amount of exercise, but shouldn’t be excessively exercised especially in warm weather. Ambo loves drinking cold water and a thrifty eater. He would eat a little amount of food. Generally, this is an attitude of a Siberian Husky, they eat in minimal amount.

Ambo has brown eyes, not the common misconception that Siberian Huskies have blue eyes. They can have eyes that are blue, brown, amber, or any combination including eyes which are half blue and half brown, which is referred to as being parti-eyed. Having one blue eye and one brown eye is referred to as being bi-eyed. The large “snow shoe” feet have hair between the toes for gripping on ice. Its ears are set high and erect, with a sickle shaped tail. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years.

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