WATCH: Baron Geisler Slams President Duterte on His Campaign Against Illegal Drugs

“Pakitang gilas na lang talaga itong bagong President [Duterte] natin. I’m not afraid of you.” These are the exact words that actor Baron Geisler said in a short video he posted on his Facebook account.

On Wednesday, August 10, Baron posted a video with caption:

“Fight against drugs is a myth. It’s been part of our economy and other great nations for centuries. Galing kasi talaga mag palusot ang pinoy. Reality check. Help educate people nalang rather than scaring them with useless things. Feed them. Stop eradicating the helpless. Lend a helping hand!”

In a 10-minute video clip, the 34-year-old actor slammed the Duterte administration about the ruthless killings in the intensified campaign against illegal drugs.

Baron also questioned about the “human rights,” the “justice system” and even described that Duterte’s administration is running a “silent martial law” in the country.

What can you say about Baron’s opinion on the issue of the alleged extrajudicial killings in President Duterte‚Äôs war on illegal drugs?

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