Watch: Viral Badjao Girl Gets Emotional on ‘Rated K’ Interview

Thirteen-year old Rita Gabiola, popularly known as the viral ‘Badjao Girl’ got very emotional during an interview with Korina Sanchez on ABS-CBN’s Sunday magazine show ‘Rated K.’

Now a dream a come true. The beautiful ‘Badjao Girl’ broke down in tears moments after Sanchez revealed her surprise – a job for her parents and a full scholarship to finish her studies.


Rated K also gave Gabiola a makeover so she can have an idea of how beautiful she is. The photo shoot was taken by Stephen Capuchino and Wilmark Jolidon.

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Gabiola’s family traveled from Zamboanga to Lucena City, she said she want to be a teacher to help others. She is the second among the six children. Her father works as a fisherman, while her mother is a housewife.

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