WATCH: Imelda Schweighart Feels Violated Over Miss Ecuador Plastic Surgery Viral Video

Former Miss Philippines Earth Imelda Schweighart finally broke her silence over the controversial viral video about the newly crowned Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin of Ecuador.

On Thursday, November 3, Imelda was interviewed by CNN Philippines with Pinky Webb. She said, “I feel bad for Katherine kasi she will watch it over and over again and people will bother her with that over and over again.”

She added that she felt bad that fellow Filipinos were the ones who circulated the video online.

“I feel violated. Why would my fellow Filipinos put that video online? Like, why would you even do that?”

Meanwhile, Imelda also said she was surprised when her name wasn’t called during the Top 16 announcement of Miss Earth 2016.

“I was expecting I would get in kasi I’m on point on everything. For example, my walk, I studied it — my custom-made walk for Miss Earth pageant.”

“I was sad I cannot perform it. It was so amazing.. Sayang because a lot of people could learn from that technique.”

“Aside from all the controversies that happened to me, I feel like that happened [pageant loss] because people somehow didn’t want a three-peat.

“Some people were praying sana walang three peat. Maybe that’s were I got anxiety attacks with that energy. Because I’m a very, very sensitive person.

“Yeah, I was getting the vibe.”

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