WATCH: PBB Teen Edward Barber Cries After Grandmother Dies

Teen housemate Edward Barber, dubbed as “Cheerful Charmer of Germany,” broke down in tears after receiving devastating news from his father inside Pinoy Big Brother house.

On September 2 episode aired Friday night, Big Brother called the 16-year-old half-British and half-Filipino housemate in the confession room.


WATCH: Edward Barber’s Cries After Receiving The Bad News From His Father

“Edward I wanted to talk to you about something very important,” said Big Brother. “This news will not come from me, but from another person.”

His father Kevin came out and delivered the bad news.

“You know what happen to MayMay now? You don’t know when she’s coming back here? MayMay doesn’t the only one who has lost,” said his father.

“Grandma died on Sunday morning,” he added. “Grandpa told me on Friday and she’s no longer with us now.”

The announcement came a day after another housemate MayMay Entrata, who broke down after learning that her grandfather has died in his sleep.

PBB gave MayMay the permission to temporarily leave the house and visit the wake of his grandpa on Friday. Watch the full episode here.

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