Maria Ozawa Calls Robin Padilla ‘Unprofessional’

Japanese star Maria Ozawa expressed her disappointment after learning that actor Robin Padilla has backed out of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) horror movie “Nilalang.”

On Instagram, Ozawa said that Padilla was ‘unprofessional’ of backing out from the movie, 10 days before shooting.

“Its not that I really wanted to film w/ Robin but i think it was so unProfessional of him to call it off 10 days before the shooting starts…, ” Ozawa said.

Some netizens defended Padilla, saying Ozawa should understand that his wife Mariel Padilla’s pregnancy is very delicate.

Ozawa replied who defended Padilla, saying, “If he knew about the pregnancy, he should have said no in the first place.”

In an earlier Instagram post, Padilla’s manager Betchay Vidanes said that the actor backed out because he wants to take care of his wife during pregnancy. The couple is expecting triplets.