Employees Knew the Danger of Broken Escalator before the Death of a Chinese Mother (VIDEO)

A viral video is circulating online wherein two female employees in China already knew the danger of broken escalator moments before the accident that caused the death of a young mom.

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According to reports, the two shopping mall employees stepped onto the loosen metal panel and found the hidden danger but failed to take any emergency actions such as stopping the escalator and making checks.

They called for the escalator maintenance staff to report what they saw. However, the escalator was still running with no people taking the escalator for the time being.

At 10:09, a woman with her son took the escalator. The employees warned the women of the danger of the escalator but it’s too late.

The panel collapsed as the mother and son stepped onto the loosen metal. The woman managed to throw her son to safety. She dropped into the escalator and died.

Rescuers recovered the woman’s body from inside the escalator at 14:00.