Facebook User Bashed For Calling Flying Lemur ‘Aswang’

A Facebook user named Christine Mangubat was bashed after calling a Philippine Flying Lemur (kagwang) “aswang.”


Mangubat claimed that the specie she called ‘aswang’ attacked their town and showed photos of the alleged victims. She even asked help from the president and protect them especially at night.

Her post on Friday was liked more than 6,000 times, shared 6,665 times, and received more than 4,600 comments from angry users. Mangubat was bashed for her ignorance and advised her to make some research before posting.

‘Kagwang’ is one of two species of flying lemurs, the only two living species in the order Dermoptera. The specie is endemic to the southern Philippine and its population is concentrated in the Mindanao region and Bohol. They eat mainly young leaves, soft fruits, flowers, and plant shoots. They drink on wet leaves and from the water in the plants and fruits themselves

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