WATCH: Kylie Versoza’s Winning Speech at Miss International 2016

Newly crowned Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines proved that she not only about beauty but also intelligence during the grand coronation of Miss International 2016 pageant.

Verzosa delivered her one-minute winning speech before the audience, judges and representatives from more than 65 countries in Tokyo, Japan.

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In her speech, she said: “Three things come to mind when I think of Miss International – Culture, education and international understanding. These three works together to make the brand of the Miss International beauty pageant relevant to the global community and to our time.”

“If I become Miss International 2016, I will devote myself to cultural understanding and international understanding because I believe that it is with developing in each of us sensitivity to other cultures that we expand our horizons, tolerate difference, and appreciate diversity.”

“All these enable us to achieve international understanding. And I believe I’m prepared to take on this responsibility.”