How to Apply Philhealth for Unemployed Filipino?

If you are an unemployed Filipino and wishes to apply for Philhealth, here are the steps to avail Philhealth Health Card.

Registration procedures and documentary requirements :

  • Fill out M1b Form (in duplicate copies)
  • Attach clear copy of supporting documents for qualified dependents to be declared
  • Registrant will be issued his/her PhilHealth Identification Number or PIN and the Member Data Record or MDR and shall be asked to pay the required premiums to the PhilHealth Cashier or at any of PhilHealth’s accredited collecting banks

Premium requirements :

  • Health insurance premium for Individually Paying Members is fixed at Php 100/month payable in quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

For more info, just visit the nearest Philhealth office near your area or visit Philhealth Website.

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