The Voice U.S. Top 8 December 1, 2014 Live Shows Recap and Videos

The Voice Season 7 Top 8 remaining artists will perform live in front of the four coaches Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams on Monday, December 1, 2014.


Last week, Reagan James of Team Blake and Anita Antoinette of Team Gwen were eliminated from the competition after performing with another artist in the bottom three, Ryan Sill. The singer from Sterling, Virginia was saved and joined other artists in the Top 8.

Anita’s elimination came as a shock after her good performance on Monday night. Many believed that she would be safe following her rendition of Passenger’s “Let Her Go” in the Live Shows but it was not so. However, Reagan had been inconsistent in her performance for a while now though her coach Blake Shelton was rooting for her.

Team Blake is now left with only one contestant with the departure of Reagan on Tuesday but his lone hope Craig Wayne Boyd could go all the way to the finals. Adam Levine still has all the three contestants intact, while Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams have two each in their respective teams.

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Recap and videos of The Voice Season 7 December 1 episode will be posted below. Please bookmark and refresh this page for more updates!

Show starts now.

1. Ryan Sill “Open Arms” by The Journey (Team Gwen) – “That song is so hard to sing. You have an unbelievable voice. You deserved to be here,” says Gwen. To vote for Ryan Sill 1-855-864-2301

2. Craig Wayne Boyd “Take It Easy” by The Eagles (Team Blake) – “Last week you set the bar high and this week I’ve been nervous on this one. You are a rocker and there’s no holding back,” says Blake. To vote for Craig Wayne Boyd 1-855-864-2302

3. DaNica Shirey “These Dreams” by Heart (Team Pharrell) “This is what we talked about. You faced it, you believed in yourself, you found the connection to that song. I am so proud of you,” says Pharrell. To vote for DaNica Shirey 1-855-864-2303

4. Damien “Someone Like You” by Adele (Team Adam) “You put so much trust and faith in me. This was his choice and he wanted to sing this song for years. Tonight was his best,” says Adam. To vote for Damien 1-855-864-2304

5. Chris Jamison “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye (Team Adam) “That is one of the hardest task and you did it with so much love and so much respect and you just crushed this entire audience,” says Adam. To vote for Chris Jamison 1-855-864-2305

6. Luke Wade “Holding Back the Years” by Simply Red (Team Pharrell) “What we loved about you is when you completely let go. The cool thing about you is you are so good. I loved having you on my team and I thank you for picking me,” says his coach.

7. Taylor John Williams “Royals” by Lorde (Team Gwen) “I’m just gliding. This is all his idea. He has a real vision for himself and that’s what making everybody connected to you,” says his coach.

8. Matt McAndrew “The Blowers Daughter” by Damien Rice (Team Adam) “It’s beautiful and blissful. I’m so proud that you are doing that on the show because it’s valuable and genuine,” says his coach. To vote for Matt McAndrew 1-855-864-2308

That’s all for tonight! Join us again tomorrow for the live elimination night!