The Voice Season 9 Top 10 Live Elimination Results, Top 9 Revealed

The Voice Season 9 returns Tuesday, December 1, for the next live elimination rounds of the Top 10 contestants.


Unfortunately, only 9 of these 10 artists will move on to the next rounds of the competition. America’s votes and iTunes downloads will decide who will stay and who will be sent home.

Tonight, the Top 10 artists facing elimination are: Team Adam’s Amy Vachal, Jordan Smith and Shelby Brown. Team Pharrell’s Madi Davis. Team Gwen’s Korin Bukowski, Braiden Sunshine and Jeffery Austin. Lastly, Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh and Barrett Baber.

Safe and thru to The Voice Season 9 Top 9:

1. Emily Ann Robertson – Team Blake
2. Jordan Smith – Team Adam
3. Jeffrey Austin – Team Gwen
4. Barrett Baber – Team Blake
5. Madi Davis – Team Pharrell
6. Amy Vachal – Team Adam
7. Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake
8. Shelby Brown – Team Adam
9. Braiden Sunshine -Team Gwen

Bottom Two:

1. Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen
2. Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen


Final Results:

Your tweets saved Braiden Sunshine! Korin Bukowski is eliminated from The Voice!

According to NBC, one contestant will be eliminated from The Voice every week, until the Semifinal results on December 7. On December 8, America will vote to eliminate five artists and the final four will compete in the Live Finale.

December 14, the final 4 will perform and December 15, The Voice Season 9 winner is revealed.

How to vote on “The Voice.”

There is a strict 14 hour voting window from the end of the show (between 9:55 p.m. ET to 12 p.m. ET the following day). Each person can vote up to 40 times total (10 votes per each of the four ways).

1. iTunes: downloading a song counts as 10 votes. (Bonus: if it reaches the top ten on the charts it gets multiplied by 10.) (1 download per person = 10 votes)
2. Facebook: vote on The Voice Facebook page via the link below. (up to 10 times per person total)
3. The App : Download The Voice App on your phone (up to 10 times total)
4. : (up to 10 times total) #TheVoice