Sunshine Dizon Message to Husband and Alleged Mistress “See You Both In Court”

Sunshine Dizon took to Instagram and wrote a message for her husband, Timothy Tan, and alleged mistress.

“There is no forgiveness for what you did. No annulment for you. I will seek justice. I will see you both in court,” the 32-year-old actress wrote in response to Tan’s press release confirming that they had split and were seeking an annulment of their marriage.


Last week, Dizon accused his husband of infidelity on a series of post on Instagram. She also identified the alleged mistress by posting the photo of a woman named Clarissa Sison, whom she identified as an employee of St. Lukes.


“Oh by the way, how was it like to live near me? Exactly 3 floors up in the same building [where] my children and I live,” she said in the caption.

Dizon also also accused Sison of recently going on a U.S. trip with Tan without the knowledge of her own husband.

“Did you also enjoy your U.S trip recently? So excited to hear all about it, im pretty sure your husband will be so happy also. I do hope its all worth it,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sison broke her silence and asked the public to stop bashing her and respect her privacy. She defended herself in a Facebook post on Monday.


Dizon and Tan married in March 2010. They have a daughter and a son.

PHOTO CR: Sunshine Dizon IG

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