Chooks To Go Franchise Information

Chooks To Go of Bounty Fresh is one of the latest roasting chicken businesses in the Philippines. They have joined the bandwagon in the country which have spread all over the country. Joining the list of Andok’s and Baliwag Lechon Manok, Chooks To Go has created an innovative version of Lechon Manok. It’s tasty and delicious without a sauce.

To test if Chooks To Go is really tasty without sauce, we bought a sample in one of their branches. We have to agree with their famous tag line “Masarap kahit walang sauce”. Their chicken looks fresh and juicy while in the oven and they sell it at a very reasonable price.

Being new in the industry, Chooks To Go is always a winner to new patrons. They’ve captured the taste of Masang Pilipino. They even made a very powerful marketing strategy like their TV commercials.

Many people have tried the product and the result is positive. They want to venture in Chooks To Go franchise. Unfortunalely, the company does not offer any franchising, but you may buy marinated chicken and other chicken products from them and you’re not allowed to use their brand name. You must provide your own and specify that your chicken are supplied by Chooks To Go.

All their branches are company owned. For more details and updates of Chooks To Go franchising, you may visit their website at

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