VIRAL VIDEO: Taxi Driver Charged Passenger P3600 From NAIA To Cubao

A victim of taxi scam posted a video on Facebook showing a taxi driver and his companion asking them to pay P3,600 from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to a bus terminal on Cubao, Quezon City has gone viral.

According to Janine Jennilyn, she and her brother were looking for a taxi in NAIA terminal 3 on September 18 when a barker offered a metered taxi. They decided to get in because all they know they will be charged regular fare.


To their surprise, the barker also boarded the taxi and sat in front. Halfway through, the driver asked them to pay P3,600.

“We pretended to go along with them because we did not know what would happen if we fought. We just told them we needed to withdraw money from an ATM machine.”

“We got off the taxi near policemen…when they heard my brother tell me to go to the police, they dropped our luggage and fled, with the taxi doors hanging open.”

Unfortunately, the diver and his companion were able to run away, as the police decided not to chase them since the two did not get anything from them.

According to the Land Transportation Office (LTO), those found guilty of overcharging can be fined P5,000 on the first offense, P10,000 for a second offense, and P15,000 for a third offense.

PHOTO: Janine Jennilyn Facebook