WATCH: Edward Barber and Heaven Peralejo Admits Feelings For Each Other Inside PBB

Edward Barber, dubbed as “Cheerful Charmer of Germany,” finally admitted his real feelings to fellow housemate Heaven Peralejo inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Last night, Barber had the chance to talk to Peralejo. “I just wanna say something just in case it’s your last day,” he said.


“First day I saw you. I thought you’re gonna get into my nerves. I thought you’re gonna be annoying. Then we start talking and I said ah she’s alright,” Barber added.

“Week two, you were like she’s cool, she’s my friend…and now I don’t know if this is the place or the time to say…But I guess I just wanna say I like you. I care.”

Peralejo asked Barber, “When did it start?” “After you got to talk your mom,” Barber replied. “I don’t know why? I was like…that should be me,” he continued.

After Barber’s admission, Peralejo also revealed that she like Barber, “Between you and was always you and it is always you.”

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