American Idol Season 14 Kansas City Auditions Recap & Video

American Idol Season 14 returns Wednesday night, January 14, 2015. Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. continue their search for the next American Idol!


The third audition this season will be held in Kansas City. The one-hour recap for tonight’s episode will be posted below.

“Big” Ron Wilson – “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye
He enters the room singing “Jenny from the Block” He asks Jennifer to call him “Big Sexy.” JLo says she loved it. She didn’t notice the others were gone. “You missed it!” she adds. Harry says there’s lots of showmanship, but he has to be careful. “Did you hook up with him while we were gone?” says Harry. “You’re an idiot, ”says JLo. Ron is going to Hollywood!

A couple of returnees Ashley Lusk, Josh Sanders and Casey Thrasher. All are going to Hollywood!

Joey Cook – 23 – King of Spain
The judges table turns into a free-for-all during her performance. Keith tells her it was his favorite voice of the whole day. Jennifer says she looks like a little doll. She loved it. Harry cautions her about being too novelty. She’s going to Hollywood!

Alexis Gomez – “Little White Boots”
She’s playing with her guitar. Keith doesn’t feel her voice is fully realized yet. Harry thought it was good, but not spectacular. Jennifer loves her. It’s up to Harry whether she’ll go through or not. He hesitates, but says yes. Keith says no. Jlo says yes. Harry says yes.

Anton Bushner – “Tonight I Want to Cry”
He’s got a lovely tone, and the judges loved him. 3 yeses!

Stephanie Gamult, 18 – Original song
She plays an original for her audition. She’s got a lovely voice and it’s completely different. She has a crush on Steve Perry. “If he was here right now I would literally vomit!” Harry Connick Jr. quips, “What a journey.” Jennifer Lopez liked her a lot. Harry thinks she needs to be more committed. He says no while JLo and Keith say yes.

Ellen Peterson – “I Want to Be a Cowboy Sweetheart”
She’s got a sweet, old fashioned voice. Keith Urban calls her a pro and feels there’s more going on. Jennifer Lopez thinks she’s just about to bloom. Three yeses.

Kholton Pascal, 21 – Original song
He is a traveling musician. Harry Connick Jr. thinks Kohlton has a chance, but not sure to go far enough. Keith Urban loves what he hears aurally, but not visually, since Kohlton isn’t very expressive. JLo has similar concerns, saying she’s a fan of his voice, but isn’t sure about him.

That’s for tonight! Tomorrow, it’s the New York Auditions. Adam Lambert steps in for Keith Urban.