WATCH: CCTV Footage Shows Gunman During Resorts World Incident

Watch the footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras showed how the lone gunman managed to wreak havoc at the Resorts World Manila in Pasay City past Friday midnight.

The video clips shows the gunman entering the RWM, taking the elevator to 2nd floor before firing a warning shot, setting tables to fire at the casino and stealing casino chips.

Here’s the recap of events according to ABS-CBN:

  • 12:07 a.m. – The gunman was dropped off by a taxi. He was dressed in an hoodie and pants and brought a backpack. A firearm was not visible in plain sight. He rode the elevator with other guests, alighted on the second floor, and proceeded to the parking area.
  • 12:11 a.m. – The gunman bypassed a metal detector. Security personnel attempted to stop him, but the assailant managed to overpower the security.
  • 12:12 a.m. – The gunman proceeded to torch three gaming tables in the VIP section, and proceeded to the gaming salon to set on fire another table. The gunman proceeded to the area of the slot machines and lit up several machines.
  • 12:18 a.m. – The gunman forcibly entered the chip bank room and took P113 million worth of high denomination chips.
  • 12:20 a.m. – The main force of the PNP arrived at the entertainment complex.
  • 1:10 a.m. – The gunman proceeded to the basement area where he first exchanged fire with the casinos’ security team. Security personnel were able to shoot the gunman.
  • 1:43 a.m. – The gunman managed to make his way to the 5th floor corridor.
  • 1:46 a.m. – The assailant forcibly entered a hotel room and burned linen along the hallway. The gunman locked himself up in a room, which he set on fire before inflicting on himself a fatal gunshot wound.

Watch the video courtesy of ABS-CBN Channel 2.