Resorts World Manila Shooting Incident Was A Robbery Not A Terrorist Attack

The shooting incident occurred Friday morning at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City was a robbery attempt by one person and not a terrorist attack.

According to Philippines National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa: “So far as we are concerned there was no ISIS.”

He said CCTV footage showed the suspect, appeared to be Caucasian, breaking into the stockroom area and filling his bag with chips.

“If this is ISIS, all the people gambling inside should have been shot or already been bombed. He didn’t hurt anyone and went straight to the casino chips storage room. Those who were injured got their injuries when they jumped from the windows,” he added.

Dela Rosa also advised people not to panic, “This is not a cause for alarm. We cannot attribute this to terrorism,” he said.

Meanwhile, the unidentified gunman burned himself to death in a Maxims Hotel room according to the police.

Here’s the official statement from Resorts World Manila: