WATCH: Lebanon Wins Mister International 2016, Full Video Replay

Watch the full video replay of the 11th Mister International 2016 held on February 13, 2017 at The Stage @ Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mister Lebanon Paul Iskandar was crowned winner of Mister International this year. Beating 34 other official candidates from around the globe. The first runner-up was Mister Masaya Yamagishi of Japan Vinicio Modolo of Italy was named second runner-up.

Mister International 2016 Top 16 are: Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Netherlands, Thailand, Venezuela, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Vietnam and Philippines.

While the Top 9 semifinalists are Spain, Vietnam, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Latvia, India, Lebanon, Thailand and the Top 6 are: Vietnam, Netherlands, Thailand, Japan, Italy and Lebanon.