Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa is Miss Universe 2014

Philippines bet Mary Jean Lastimosa will be the next Miss Universe according to Jian Lasala, a contemporary designer from Cebu City.


Lasala started making his own predictions for Miss Universe since 1999. In preparation for this year’s Miss Universe pageant that will air live from Doral, Florida on Monday, 9am Philippine time, Lasala shares his fearless forecast.

“It was a very long process. Ever since the pageant started [last January 3], I already studied every single girl. I followed their daily activities and the different blog sites that cover the pageant,” says Lasala. “Every day that each of the contestants gets press coverage, we factored that in.”

According to him, the Top 15 are candidates from: Great Britain, Colombia, Philippines, USA, Costa Rica, Ukraine, India, Netherlands, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, France, Brazil, Lithuania, Dominican Republic.

The Top 10 are candidates from: Philippines, USA, Colombia, Great Britain, Costa Rica, India, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Brazil.

“MJ’s closest competition is Miss Colombia, and you cannot discount the fact that the Miss Universe Organization really loves Miss USA. Miss Costa Rica is very beautiful; Miss Great Britain is also really beautiful.”

“Among the top 5, MJ is the most sincere. Every girl can relate to her story,” says Lasala. “What the Miss Universe Organization is looking for is a woman who can be relatable to a lot of women.”

His winners are candidates from:
Miss Universe – Philippines
1st Runner-Up – USA
2nd Runner-Up – Colombia
3rd Runner-Up – Great Britain
4th Runner-Up – Costa Rica