The X Factor Australia 2015 Top 6 Live Decider, Top 5 Revealed

The X Factor Australia returns tonight with Top 6 Live Decider, Tuesday, November 3, 2015! It’s the sixth live elimination tonight!

We say goodbye to one of our Top 6 acts. It’s another elimination tonight! Who will it be?

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On Monday, the Top 6 contestants took the stage to perform live for the votes of Australia.

The remaining contestants who performed from last night’s ‘Judges Challenge’ are Big T, Cyrus Villanueva (Under 25 Boys); Natalie Conway, Louise Adams (Over 25s); Jess & Matt (Groups); Mahalia Simpson (Under 25 Girls).

Who got eliminated on X Factor Australia tonight? The votes are in and the eliminated singers will be announced tonight 7:30pm on Seven.

Live results for tonight’s elimination round will be posted below!

Final Five (5) Contestants:
1. Cyrus Villanueva
2. Louise Adams
3. Jess & Matt
4. Big T
5. Mahalia Simpson

Bottom Two (2):
1. Mahalia Simpson with No More Drama by Mary K Blige
2. Natalie Conway with Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Conno

Judges Votes:

  • Dannii votes to defend Mahalia and evict Natalie
  • James votes to defend Natalie and evict Mahalia
  • Chris votes to evict Natalie
  • Guy votes to evict Mahalia

It’s a DEADLOCK! Eliminated by public vote is Natalie. Mahalia is safe!

Eliminated Contestant:
1. Natalie Conway