Pinoy Acts 4th Power, Neneth Lyon Makes it to the X Factor UK Bootcamp, Proud Mary Performance (FULL VIDEO)

Two Pinoy acts from the X Factor UK stunned the four judges of the competition during the Bootcamp round on Sunday, Sept. 20.


Filipino girl group 4th Power and Neneth Lyons performed Tina Turner’s Proud Mary with a routine choreographed by sole male Andre Batchelor for the judges as they competed for a spot in the next round.

They were joined by Louisa Johnson, Neneth Lyons, Jasmine Leigh Morris and Sherilyn Hamilton Shaw.

After their performance, the judges couldn’t send anyone home – although Simon told Andre he needed to work on his vocals a bit more as the rest of the group were outstanding.

The X Factor UK 2015 Bootcamp continues next week at 7PM. Watch the video below.