Noli De Castro Slams by Netizens for being Rude to Winnie Cordero (VIDEO)

Noli-De-Castr0-Winni-Cordero-TV-PatrolNetizens slammed former Vice-President Noli De Castro for being ‘rude’ to fellow journalist Winnie Cordero during her report on TV Patrol last night.

Cordero was in Quiapo to report the preparation for the feast of the Black Nazarene. De Castro said that Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada should act on the complaints of devotees against ambulant vendors but according to Cordero the city administrator already discussed the matter during their meeting.

De Castro interrupted her and insisted that it was not implemented last year even though Estrada assured him during an interview that he would act on it.

On Twitter, netizens expressed disappointments that Cordero wasn’t given a chance to answer De Castro regarding the issue and for immediately cutting her off the segment.

Twitter user Norberto D. Bana III @jjunbana wrote, “Pity Winnie Cordero whose news broadcast was interrupted by the commentary of the idiotic former VP Noli De Castro! @ABSCBNNews”

Other users also comment on the issue.