Comedian Joy Viado Dies of Heart Attack, She’s 51

Comedian Joy Viado, 51, passed away due to heart attack on Saturday, September 10, 2016. Her son Joseph Christopher confirmed the news in a radio interview.

“She died at exactly 8:55 last night at the Quezon City General Hospital. The doctors tried to revive her but to no avail,” he said in an interview with DZMM on Sunday morning.


Joseph said her mother complained of chest pains after arriving home from a friend’s house.

“When she came home, she’s already complaining of difficulty of breathing. We brought her to the nearest hospital, but she was pronounced dead on arrival,” he added.

Viado’s wake will be held at the Arlington Memorial Chapels in Quezon City.

Last year, Joy Viado was confined due to diabetes. Her friends in showbiz raised funds and helped save her foot from amputation due to diabetes complication.

PHOTO CR: ABS-SBN, Star Cinema

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