Charice To Quit Showbiz After Breakup with Live-in Partner Alyssa Quijano

It’s confirmed. Charice and live-in partner Alyssa Quijano have broken up after four years. Charice and Quijano first admitted their relationship back in 2013.

“Yes, Charice and Alyssa have broken up and it was a mutual decision,” said Charice’s handler Carl Cabral. “Charice is not accepting any interviews and now taking a break. He’s doing fine and he’s happy. Thank you very much,” she added.

According to Pilipinas Star Ngayon, Alyssa left their apartment with her personal belongings while the “Pyramid” singer is allegedly living with a fan from Laguna.

Meanwhile, the breakup looks a hard time for Charice, who took a temporary break from showbiz last March. On her Twitter account, Charice described herself as “tired” before writing: “I can’t anymore. I’m over it.”

Her March 24 concert was also cancelled, where she was supposed to formally announce her decision for leaving showbiz.