Napoles Daughter Extravagant Lifestyle Trending Online (Photos and Video)

Jeane Napoles, daughter of Janet Napoles, the woman allegedly behind the multi-billion peso corruption of pork barrel funds, is now trending online as photos of her lavish lifestyle is now circulating around the web.

Jeane NapolesScreengrab via Youtube

Jeane deactivated her social media accounts shortly after the issue came out in public involving her mom. But the 23-year-old Napoles forgot to remove an old personal blog from 2011, which allowed netizens to scrutinize her extravagant lifestyle. Photos were found on her blog via social networking site ‘Tumblr.’

ABS-CBN reported and showed some photos, the cars, the extravagant lifestyle of Jean.

The mother came to rescue and according to her, her daughter is not an accomplished in the corruption and the money used for buying signature bags, cars and shoes (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin) are not from the Pork Barrel funds, saying her daughter is smart and hard worker, and the thing that she have is from the fruit of sacrifices of her daughter as a fashion designer.

Jean Napoles ShoesJean Napoles Bags

Janet Lim-Napoles has denied all accusations and said she is willing to open her bank accounts as part of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) probe into the scam.

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