Miss Universe 2012 Top 10 Semifinalist Predictions

The Miss Universe 2012 preliminaries have already started and based on what the fans and judges are talking about, these are the 10 lovely candidates of Miss Universe 2012 to be included in the first round of the competition according to International Business Times.

1. Miss Georgia, Tamar Shedania

2. Miss USA, Olivia Culpo

3. Miss Philippines, Janine Tugonon

4. Miss Australia, Renae Ayris

5. Miss Thailand, Farida Waller

Other contenders for the top 10 are the following:

6. Miss Albania, Adrola Drushi

7. Miss Angola, Marcelina Vahekeni

8. Miss Aruba, Liza Helder

9. Miss El Salvador, Ana Yancy Clavel

10. Miss Finland, Sara Yasmina Chafak

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