Donald Trump Jr. Says U.S. Ship is ‘More Important’ than PhilippinesTubbataha Reef

Donald Trump Jr., the son of American tycoon Donald Trump, posted a message on his Twitter account regarding the move to dismantle a US Navy ship that remains stuck on World Heritage Site – the Philippines’ Tubbataha Reef.

Donald Trump Jr.

“Yes, a $277-million boat is more important than a 200×50 section of reef that has already been run over,” Trump said on his Twitter account on early Thursday morning.

He also explained that the cost of the ship may be lesser than cleanup expenses as well as US’ payment to the Philippine government for damages.

“Please, cleanup costs? The ship is (stranded on a) 200 by 50 at most on the edge of the reef. It hit and stopped. Give me a break … That is not worth 277 million by any standard,” the businessman added.

Trump’s tweet caused an uproar among Filipino netizens, hundreds are mentioning his name on Twitter.