Vice Ganda Apologizes to Jessica Soho on National Television (Full Video)

TV host and comedian Vice Ganda publicly apologized for poking fun of veteran journalist and GMA vice president for News and Public Affairs Jessica Soho and the ‘gang rape’ joke involving her during his May 17 concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.


The issue exploded on Tuesday morning, that’s after 11 days of the said concert. The following day, Wednesday, the comedian explained and said sorry to Soho about the whole issue on national television via ABS-CBN’s noon time show ‘It’s Showtime!”

According to Vice, he called the big bosses of the network and he was later called to a meeting by ABS-CBN channel head Cory Vidanes. He was asked for his take on the issue and Vice said he did not need to explain or justify his joke to anybody.

He also said, many other personalities were also mentioned in his jokes like Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda, Kim Atienza, Gus Abelgas, Pia Hontiveros, Nancy Binay, Grace Poe and many more.

The management asked him again what he wanted to do, Vice said he wanted to apologize to Soho and he preferred to do it personally and privately. He called Soho personally Wednesday morning but the latter was apparently in no mood to talk to him.

Vice also apologized to anyone who had been offended even as he insisted that those who saw his concert could not remember him making fun of rape there.

Watch the full video below courtesy of ABSCBNOnline via Youtube.


In response to the public apology made by comedian Vice Ganda on Wednesday regarding the “gang rape” joke he made at her expense, GMA News anchor Jessica Soho issued a statement.

“I acknowledge the public apology given by Vice Ganda, by way of his TV program.

I sincerely hope and pray that this was done with the purest intentions and determination to put this issue behind us.

Just to clarify certain points about my phone conversation with him – his call came without warning as his number was not programmed in my phone directory. I told him I wasn’t feeling well and I wasn’t sure I was ready to talk to him. But I clearly remember thanking him for his call.

As I’ve said, this is not about me, but about the issue of rape not being an appropriate subject matter for comedy. Rape transcends age, economic class, gender — and even one’s weight.

Once again, I thank everyone who gave their support.”


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