Simon Cowell Sings on The X Factor Season 3 Audition (VIDEO)

Judge Simon Cowell has stunned his fellow judges by showing off his singing voice on The X Factor USA Season 3 Premiere Part 2 episode Thursday night!

Simon Cowell Sings Cant Help Falling In Love X Factor Season 3

The 56-year-old wannabe crooner Russ Pouliot claimed he’s “the next Frank Sinatra” and performed Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” in front of the judges. Simon doesn’t like the version, so Demi and Kelly let Simon sing to prove he’s better!

Judge Demi Lovato comment for Russ. “I feel like, had you had a British accent, you would sound like Simon if he sang!” she joked.

Kelly Rowland hopped up onstage, grabbed the microphone from Russ and convinced Simon to sing on television.

After the show, Simon said, “Hang on a minute! Can I just be clear? I didn’t sing. I impersonated a singer. That is not singing.” Demi teased, “Oh, I think it’s really charming that he wants to be modest about his incredible vocal,” while Kelly added, “I knew that voice was always there!”

Do you think Simon has the X Factor?

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